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Jonathan Hook, DPM, MHA 

Midland Orthopedic Associates

Board Certified in Foot, Rearfoot, Ankle Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Jonathan Hook DPM


Dr. Jonathan Hook specializes in foot, rearfoot reconstruction, and ankle surgery. He received comprehensive training in the operative and non-operative management of foot and ankle disorders.


Dr. Hook joined Midland Orthopedics after completing a three-year surgical residency at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago. He received his Doctorate degree in Podiatric Medicine and Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Rosalind Franklin University. Dr. Hook earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Bradley University.


Foot & Ankle Injuries - Dr. Jonathan Hook

Foot & Ankle Injuries

  • Ankle Fractures

  • Achilles Ruptures

  • Foot Fractures

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"Dr. Jonathan Hook is a wonderful doctor. He is very knowledgeable about the latest surgical techniques. I saw him due to a broken foot (5th metatarsal). He performed my surgery and offered excellent follow up care. My foot has healed completely and I am able to run and do everything I was able to do before the break. I highly recommend Dr. Hook."

- Alicja Wojcik-Dunn

"Very happy to meet this physician. I slipped and broke my ankle which required surgery to repair the injury. I am several months out of surgery and I am feeling great. Highly recommend. His staff is very helpful as well."

- Mark Washington