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Ankle Fracture Post-Op Rehabilitation Protocol:

  • This protocol provides you with general guidelines for rehabilitation after ankle fracture surgery.

  • Specific changes in the program will be made by your physician as appropriate for each individual patient.

  • Ankle fractures have a wide range of complexity and severity and each individual heals at a different rate. It may take up to 12 months to make a full recovery, and it is not unusual to have intermittent aches and pains throughout the course of your rehabilitation.

Instructions For Patients:

  • Non-weightbearing in a short leg splint or CAM boot for the first 2 weeks after surgery

    • Sutures are typically removed at 2 weeks

    • Depending upon the complexity of your surgery, you may transition into removable walking boot or short leg cast at 2 weeks after surgery

  • Once you are transitioned to a removable walking boot you may remove the boot and while in a seated and protected position and begin to move your ankle up and down (ankle pumps)

  • Physical therapy will start at 2-4 weeks post op

  • You may begin driving at 8-12 weeks after surgery depending upon your progression

    • Note: It is illegal to drive while wearing a walking boot

  • At 12 weeks begin gentle higher impact activities

  • Once you can perform a single heel rise or single leg hop, you may able return to high impact activities.  This may take between 6 months to 1 year depending upon the complexity of your fracture and your progression during rehabilitation

Post Surgery Ankle Fracture - Dr. Jonathan Hook
Ankle Fracture X-Ray - Dr. Jonathan Hook
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