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Fractures commonly go unnoticed. In the following you will learn to identify symptoms and possible actions required.

Foot & Ankle Injuries

Foot & Ankle Arthritis

Arthritis is when there is inflammation in the joints. This is commonly found in the small joints of the foot & ankle.

Heel Pain & Custom Orthotics

Heel pain can be under or behind the heel. These tend to stem from different issues which may be treated with orthotics.

Bunion & Hammertoe Correction

Bunion & Hammertoe deformities may require surgery depending on the severity.

Sports Medicine

There are a wide variety of sports injuries which may be treated with physical therapy or minimal invasive surgery.

Diabetes has increased in America and is projected to continue to do so. Feet is just one location in the body that is affected by diabetes.

Diabetic Foot Conditions

Deformity Correction

Deformities tend to affect the shape of the arch of ones foot. Whether that be flatfoot or a high arch.

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